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SMS TODAY: processing sms made simple
Release 1.2

This tutorial will walk you through the process of sending sms, checking sms status, checking sms cost and etc with SMS TODAY platform.

  • Setting up your Sms today account
  • Integrating Sms today into your website/application
  • Knowing when to make status request

End point Sms today requires that sms request to be identified by a unique bulk ID #bulk_id and 13/10 digit phone number/s.

Below is a list of all required arguments that needs to be sent in the POST request:

Request Type: POST
Parameter Required Description
text YES A not less than 5-character value that will be delivered to phone/s attached
numbers YES Phone numbers can be in local(10 chars) or international (13 chars) format without plus(+) sign.
For bulk sms, numbers can be separated by a comma(,) e.g xxx,xxx,xxx
api_key YES The value of api_key identifies the user within the system when interacting with the api. You obtain this by registering on
Register here
password YES Your SMS TODAY account password
Schedule NO If you may wish to send your sms at a specific time rather once the sms pushed to the gateway, you may need to specify the bellow values to indicate the time of sending sms.

date: a day to send the sms - e.g 2022-12-05
hours: an hour to send the sms e.g 10
minutes: minutes of sending sms e.g 43

The final scheduler timer example is : 2022-12-05 07:40:25
from YES This is a sender id which appears on a receivers phone as a sender of the sms, as of version 1.2+ SMS TODAY requires that users register their sender id's to avoid fraud

The sample code below is all that is required to integrate Sms today into your application/websites. curl -X POST -F text=hello world&numbers=xxx1,xxx2&from=xxx&api_key=0000&password=000


Response is always on json format where you're required to decode into your workspace language

json string which the server reply to your call

Response Type: JSON { "type":"success", "msg":"sent", "code":"200", "feedback": [ { "status":2, "cost":5, "msdn":"xxx1", "chars":11, "code":200, "id":"n9cwl4nnifbk" }, { "status":2, "cost":4, "msdn":"xxx2", "chars":11, "code":200, "id":"92evzbftzgbo" } ] }

json string explained

Parameter Description Example
type Their are number of request type response

success indicated that the request was made successful
info indicated that the request wasn't made successful If you may encounter response "info" it means the request is not POST or the requested resource is not available within the api

msg This contains the response message in a human readable sent,
messages not sent,
wrong login information
code Depending on the que status the api can replay with number of request codes, these codes indicates that the request succeed the messages were sent and billed successfully or not

100 Invalid sender Id
200 sent successfully
400 Invalid api key
404 No credit
700 Undefined required field
900 Unable to Send messages

Note: Status 200 is generated once a single message satisfied the gateway for delivery.
feedback Contains detailed description of each message pushed to the gateway

status indicates the current status of the message by the time of pushing in the gateway
cost indicates the cost of the sms
msdn indicates the phone number to which the sms was sent or will be sent to
chars indicates the total characters in the text message
code indicates either the message was sent or not ref to codes
id indicates the unique message delivery id for tracking

status 2
cost 0.70
msdn xxx2
chars 11
id 638e2d09c606c