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Release 1.2.

You may sometimes want to know how much you have in your account, you can archive this by calling billing system as bellow

End point

Below is a list of all required arguments to be sent in the POST request:

Request Type: POST
Parameter Required Description
api_key YES The value of api_key identifies the user within the system when interacting with the api. You obtain this by registering on
Register here
password YES Your SMS TODAY account password

The endpoint balance is important when you wanted to know your account balance

The sample code below is all that is required to integrate Sms today into your application/websites when calling balance api curl -X POST -F api_key=0000&password=000


Response is always on json format where you're required to decode into your workspace language

json string which the server reply to your call

Response Type: JSON { "balance":"13,239.80", "status":200, "currency":"MWK", "type":"success", "msg":"balance accessed" }

json string explained

Parameter Description Example
type Their are number of request type response

success indicated that the request was made successful
info indicated that the request wasn't made successful If you may encounter response "info" it means the request is not POST or the requested resource is not available within the api

msg This contains the response message in a human readable request was successful, request wasn't successful
status Depending on the que status the api can replay with number of request codes, these codes indicates that the request succeed or not

200 request was successful
400 Invalid api key
700 Undefined required field

Note: Status 200 is generated once a single message satisfied the gateway for delivery.
balance Contains the amount of your account balance

balance 13,239.80

currency Contains the currency in which your balance is

currency CURR